16-20 September 2019
Asia/Taipei timezone

Invited Speakers

Hadron Collider  

Illia Babounikau (DESY)

“Searches for Supersymmetric Particles in the Electroweak Sector”

Danijela Bogavac

“Searches for Strongly Interacting SUSY Particles”

Stefania Spagnolo (INFN)

“Searches for BSM Higgs and Di-Higgs Production”

Nadir Daci (CERN)

“Exotic Searches”

Anna Lipniacka
(University of Bergen)


“SM Top Measurements and Selected BSM Searches with Top Final States”

Claudio Luci
(Rome University La Sapienza and INFN)

“Precision Test of the Standard Model from High Energy Colliders”

Mingshui Chen (IHEP)

“Precise Measurements of the Higgs Boson”



Peter M. Lewis (Univ. Bonn)

“Semileptonic and Leptonic B Decays”

Jike Wang (Wuhan University)

“Review on Hadronic B Decays”

Joerg Marks (Heidelberg Univ.)

“Mixing and CP Violation in Charm Decays”

Haibo Li (IHEP)

“Precision Measurement of Charm Decays”

Zhiqing Liu (SDU)

“Review on Spectroscopy”

Yu-Chen Tung (Univ. Chicago)

“Rare Kaon Decays”



Kyung Kwang Joo (CNU)

"Measurements of the Neutrino Mixing Angle theta_13"

Christian Buck (MPIK)

“Very Short Baseline Reactor Neutrino Experiments”

Phillip Litchfield (Univ. Glasgow)

“Long Baseline Neutrino Experiments”

Liang Yang (Univ. Illinois)

“Neutrinoless Double Beta Decays”

Kimihiro Okumura (Univ. Tokyo)

“Atmospheric Neutrino”

Francesco Capozzi (MPP)

“Global Fit to Neutrino Oscillations”

Heavy Ions


Zebo Tang (USTC)

“Hard Probes in Heavy Ion Physics”

Yi Yang (NCKU)

“Energy Scan from RHIC and LHC”

Astro Particles


Igor Moskalenko (Stanford Univ.)

“From GeV to 100 TeV Cosmic Rays”

Pisin Chen (National Taiwan Univ.)

“Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos”

Direct Dark Matter Searches

Claudio Savarese (Princeton Univ.)

“Direct Dark Matter Searches”